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The 7 Tenets for Effective Branding™ - Tenet #1: Know Thyself

Tenet #1 is to Know Thyself.

There are 2 seemingly simple questions I always ask my clients at the beginning of our engagement, and yet you would be surprised how fast they set the stage.

Ask yourself:

"What DO you want at this crossroad in your career?"

and, "What DON'T you want at this crossroad?"

What does that look like?

Now add in at the following preface to those 2 questions:

"If you were to be BRUTALLY HONEST with yourself, what DO you want, what DON'T you want?"

Now, what does that look like?

Watch how this change in linguistic questioning quickly further crystalizes things for you.
This level of clarity as a job seeker is what sets the stage for Effective Personal Branding.

It guides everything from where we lean in during our Strategy Sessions; the types of questions I will be focused on and asking you; how we position you in the marketplace; the messaging we use; where we strategically focus and guide the eye when the reader comes to your branding; the voice; the focus... all the way up to how you network; your networking pitch; your interview strategy... AND your overall job search strategy.

So, before you jump to launch your job search, I highly recommend to stop long enough to ask yourself these 2 crucial questions---and when you do---be brutally honest with yourself.

It makes all the difference in the world.

To your Empowerment & Success,

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