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The 7 Tenets for Effective Branding™ - Tenet #4: Know Thy UVP, and Own It.

Knowing your own UVP (unique value proposition) isn't as easy as one might think.

One of the biggest reasons why this can be challenging for clients I work with is because often, they are "too close to it," meaning they are too close to the product---themselves---to be able to objective in this process.

Often, many clients I work with tend to take their best strengths and super powers for granted, and I'll hear, "Well, doesn't everyone do it that way?" not realizing that the skill sets they are using are astronomically unique---and should be highlighted in their branding, their networking, and in their interviewing strategy to gain the competitive advantage.

Such as a recent client I worked with who is aspiring to secure his first management-level role, but took for granted the fact that he has had a history of bringing new ideas and strategies that have not only yielded substantial growth, but have been recognized by the division and as a result, adopted as a best practice. Or that he had proposed strategies; sold the strategies in across a more senior team; and when leveraged, delivered game-changing impact. Again---he took all of this "for granted," which sabotaged his ability to drive his UVP in the market.

When you know your UVP---and you "own it" head to the market with a completely different focus and energy that the market responds well to, and are much more confident and articulate about your value---basically---changing the game in your favor.

So, I ask you this: What is it that you have observed over the years in how and why you have been more successful at certain aspects of your job than your peers? What bubbles up for you? Make note of it!

This exercise just scrapes the surface. My hope is that you start to reflect more so that you can unearth these "power nuggets" that can be used to build your brand and differentiate you in the market.

To your Empowerment and Success,


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