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The 7 Tenets for Effective Branding™ - Tenet #6: Know Thy Job Search Strategy Options

We've reviewed the basic fundamentals in Tenet #1-#5, and I am hoping you've also had a chance to read through blog posts #1-#3 (short reads) on "Posting Online? Know the 3 Audiences Impacting Your Search" under the Know How the Market Works category.

These set the stage for what is to come next.

Again, I stress that every job search is uniquely different. What works for one individual, is not the same strategy that should be applied for someone else. Everyone has their own unique background, forward-facing goals, caveats impacting their search, etc., and as such, each individual's job search (and branding strategy) requires 1:1 attention.

If you are conducting an "apples to apples" search where there are no significant changes in industry or function, and you are in The Messy Middle™ (with exception of Board, CXO, and Executive-level roles) posting to online job boards can be a successful Job Search Strategy for you--if your branding is optimized accordingly and your value proposition clear to that target audience.

If however, you are conducting a search that includes any significant industry or functional changes, know that posting online will not be your best your best Job Search Strategy. In fact, posting online even to 100s of posting---will not get you the traction you seek. (Again, I stress the importance of heading over to blog posts #1-#3 under the Know How the Market Works category to understand the caveats that will directly impact and impede the effectiveness of your campaign if you should choose to use this channel.)

A better Job Search Strategy for this situation, is to: (1) get your branding aligned to your future-facing goals, (2) learn how to strategically network your way in for the interview, or alternatively (3) utilize an Informational Interview strategy to get past the gatekeepers and hold conversations that you directly to key decision makers, or (4) learn how to create a "go direct" marketing campaign, and reach out directly to hiring managers with a highly strategic and compelling offer.

To your Empowerment & Success,


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