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The 7 Tenets for Effective Branding™ - Tenet #7: Respect Thy Importance of Tailoring to the Audience

Tenet #7 is to embrace the fact that if you are in The Messy Middle, you will most likely need to learn how to tailor your branding (aka resume) for different audiences and target audiences for best effect.

Again, we circle back to the earlier Tenets of "know thy audience, " "know how thy market works" and "know thyself' to set the stage for your search.

Once this has been set, it's now time to get "into the head" of your target audience and tailor all communications, your "elevator pitch," and interview strategy accordingly to that audience.

To support this need in the market, I have crafted Branding Solution Packages that cater to these needs and offer this level of deeper expertise.

To your Empowerment & Success,


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