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The Power of BHC™, aka Brutally Honest Conversations

What DO want, what DON'T you want?

Two seemingly simple questions, and yet, they change the game.

So, if I were to ask you:

"What do you want, what don't you want at this juncture in your career?" ...what would you say?
Now let's add a twist and add the BHC™ to see what happens. (BHC™ = Brutally Honest Conversation).
When working with my clients, I always ask them to BHC™ it on the front-end. I don't want a fluff or generic answer. This way, we cut to the chase and create a solid branding strategy and platform that can support them and accelerate their outcomes.
BHCs™ sound something like this:
· + "I've been doing compliance work for the past 6 years because our CEO begged me to take this on as they were in a real pinch; but at this juncture, I do not want a compliance HR leadership role. I want to return to the work I love doing, which is to build top talent destination places for technical talent."
· + "I've been asked by the CEO to take on special projects as the company is going through a major metamorphosis. These special projects are crucial, but I am concerned I will get cut first when the company re-orgs and when out in the marketplace, these will be perceived as "lesser roles" that the earlier roles I executed on with great success. Based on deeper reflection, my #1 target would be a PE-backed opportunity where I could build and scale again. Please help me get there."
· + "I was asked to rebuild our global strategic alliances, and successfully turned this around quickly for our company. However, I want to return to a P&L role, but nothing is opening up here anytime soon. It's been a couple years; I paid my dues, and now I want to land a significant P&L role this year. I am tired of waiting for something to open up internally."
· + "I was burnt out on my earlier engagement with a 2-hour drive each way, even though the work we were doing was exciting and deeply transformational. I held on as long as a I could, and then had to take a break. I accepted the offer for this recent engagement (closer to home) as I was told I was in succession for the C-suite. But it's been 3 years, and I see nothing heading in that direction. I've been doing bland operational/maintenance work that does not interest, nor challenge me, and I am getting concerned. I want to return to doing the deep HR business partnering and transformational work I was doing earlier. Please help me get there."
Remember, although the market is hot right now, you will want to align your branding and job search to the BHC™ of who you are today and what your needs are to feel fulfilled---versus just winging it.
To your Empowerment & Success,
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