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What is
The Messy Middle™? 


After working 1:1 with 3,000+ career professionals to date, from Aspiring, Mid-Management, Senior Leadership to Executive/CXO, I've observed that there are very specific, unique caveats and challenges that the Aspiring and Mid-Management to Senior Leadership levels face.


Some of the foremost challenges that come to mind encompass questions such as below.


Do any of these ring true with your search?

  • "How do I craft my branding when I am pursuing various level-roles within an organization?"

  • "I've done it all, and excelled at everything I did, so why am I not getting traction in my job search?" 

  • "At this juncture in my career, I no longer want to do turn arounds. I need to address the pigeonholing that is going on and change how the market perceives me so that I can gain traction in pursuing my future-facing career goals, which are pretty do I do this?"

  • "I need 2 different versions of my resume as I am pursuing both C-Suite roles for a smaller company AND Senior Director-level roles for a larger, possibly Fortune 1000 company. How do I strategize my messaging around this for best traction in the market?  

  • "My company has grown exponentially over the past 5 years. As a result, I've worn many hats and jumped in where needed. But now I want to explore other industries and am concerned that my "job titles" are confusing and do not align in a way that makes sense to others outside the company. How can I address this to gain traction in the market?" 

These are all very good questions and concerns.


What I've found over the years is that a traditional resume writing-approach or job search-approach cannot effectively address these challenges.


That a new approach is needed to best help and serve individuals facing these challenges. Hence, the founding of TCA Branding Solutions for The Messy Middle™ ensued, which provides customized targeted solutions and strategies to help those who are navigating The Messy Middle.


To your empowerment & success, 


CEO & Founder, TCA Branding Solutions for The Messy Middle

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